To file your locate requests, call 8-1-1.  North Dakota One Call makes sure you're able to navigate the one-call process as easy as possible. Whether you are a professional contractor working on a project, or novice homeowner just installing a fence - Contact North Dakota Once Call EVERY TIME YOU DIG to ensure no underground lines are damaged. It's Easy and It's the Law. Dig Safe!

Did you know a shovel hitting an underground power line can be just as dangerous as contacting an overhead line? Remember to be safe when working on projects like planting trees, digging holes for fence posts, installing underground sprinklers and more.

Call 811 to reach your local utility locating service at least 48 hours before you dig.

When digging within two feet of the marked area, only use small hand tools such as a garden trowel and avoid contact with the utility line. Remember, requirements have changed and not all utilities are installed the same. While some utilities have protective casings, others do not and can be damaged by tools as simple as a shovel. Always proceed with caution when digging around utility lines.

Northern Plains Electric Cooperative wants to make sure consumer-members stay safe at all times. Calling 811 for location services will protect you, your family and your property. Please remember, this is a state law. If you damage a utility without having location completed, you are liable for the damage caused.

If you contact an underground utility:

  • Leave the area immediately and tell others to stay away.
  • Call 911 and the local utility company as quickly as possible.
  • Report even minor damage; what looks harmless can cause big trouble.