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NP/DV Solar Project

Northern Plains Electric Cooperative believes electricity can be affordable, reliable and also clean. That’s why Northern Plains, along with its former sister cooperative, Dakota Valley, built a solar system in Carrington.

The 6.56 kW system is similar in size to what an average farm or small business would install if it so chose. That’s enough electricity to power 19 60-watt incandescent light bulbs all day and all night for 12 months.



Used primarily as a research project, the co-op wants to learn how much the system will cost to maintain, how reliable it is and what sort of return members would see on their investment. With this information, Northern Plains and Dakota Valley can help provide unbiased information to members considering installing systems of their own.

See how much the panels generate in real time.

Along with Northern Plains and Dakota Valley, other co-ops in North Dakota have solar systems. Northern Plains and Dakota Valley, however, are pioneering solar as a research project.

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